Our Story

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Hello everyone 

This is Raushan from India. I’m a native Hindi speaker. After doing graduating from Lalit Narayan Mithila University, I worked in various MNC. While working in MNC, I met lots of people from worldwide where I realized that there are many people who want to learn the Hindi language but it’s very hard for them to find one of the best Native Hindi speaker tutors. 


This was the time when I started teaching the Hindi language and till date, I have taught Hindi to many people who are from the worldwide

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to tech hindi with funny and easy way with the help of Native hindi speaker . 


Things that make us proud

why you choose us ?

Beginner to Advance

Our course is designed such a way that we start from beginning to advance level.


By taking our course we are providing hand-holding support.

Native Speaker

Talk with Native Hindi speaker through duo / skype / zoom.

Indian Culture

Apart from learning Hindi you will also know Indian culture, religion and lifestyle.